General Practice

Composite Fillings


A couple of decades ago amalgam fillings where the only tooth fillings offered to people. Most people refer to amalgam fillings as the silver fillings in their mouths. Nowadays we bond our fillings to teeth with a tooth colored material called composite, which is bonded on. Our office offers [...]



Sealants are used mainly on kids and adolescents to prevent the development of cavities. We seal the grooves of back molars, making them easier to keep clean, and harder to develop cavities. It is a great preventative option for kids and adolescents. Parents should keep sticky sugary foods at [...]

Dental Xrays


A dental exam is done for all new patients to check your oral health and inform you of any dental concerns that need to be addressed. When doing an exam we review a set of x-rays we take with digital x-rays. The x-rays are used to detect dental problems [...]

Dental Cleaning


Brushing two times a day is necessary for optimal health. Two minutes is the ideal time to brush, and you should divide this time equally for the four sides of your mouth. Flossing should be done daily to remove the plaque from in between your teeth. If your gums [...]

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