A couple of decades ago amalgam fillings where the only tooth fillings offered to people. Most people refer to amalgam fillings as the silver fillings in their mouths. Nowadays we bond our fillings to teeth with a tooth colored material called composite, which is bonded on. Our office offers only tooth colored fillings, so that you get a more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking result.

Replacing Old Silver Fillings

If you notice any grey along along a tooth or a tooth that appears darker than the rest it may be because of a silver filling. If you needed to replace these for aesthetics or because they’re failing, the procedure is pretty easy. Most procedures for composite fillings take less than 30 minutes. We use local anesthetic to numb the area. Next, we remove the decay and apply the bonding agent. We use a special light for the material to set and then shape, smooth and polish your restoration.

Chipped Teeth/Cavities

Composite (tooth colored) fillings can be done to correct small chips/fractures. It is just bonded on to the affected areas on these teeth. Most commonly, composite fillings are also used to fill the space after a cavity is removed.

Worn Areas

Many people over time develop areas where the enamel has worn away at the gum line, and are stuck with a unpleasing look. Areas that are worn, depending on size, are also common areas where colored fillings are placed.


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