Root Canal Therapy From Our Caring Staff

Are you wondering if you’re a candidate for root canal therapy? Do you have severe tooth decay, deep-set caries, or pain that isn’t alleviated by over-the-counter medicine? If yes, then you should consider making an appointment to discuss your options, including root canal therapy, with Dr. Martone.

Typically, an individual will need root canal therapy to treat severe tooth decay or long-term dental infection. This treatment is used to save your tooth or teeth from further damage and help to relieve pain. In this procedure, anesthesia is administered to the treatment area to numb the area around and inside of the tooth. We clean out the inside of the tooth, removing the decay before applying a dental material called gutta-percha. The treated tooth is usually covered with a dental crown at your second appointment. Before your procedure, we will discuss with you what you will need after treatment is completed.

Root Canal therapy is considered to be a foolproof treatment option with success rates of 96%.  Patients who experience this treatment option find that this restoration solution’s result can last a lifetime.

What to expect during procedure?

  • Local anesthetic is given
  • A rubber material is used to cover tooth and keep it isolated
  • An opening is made on tooth to gain access
  • The pulp is removed and the nerve is cleaned out and filled
  • A temporary material is used to seal tooth and patient will come back for final restoration of the tooth

Good oral hygiene and preventative care, as with your whole mouth, will make it more likely this treatment will be successful and remained uncompromised

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Not Sure If Root Canal Therapy Is Right For You?

Root canal therapy is one of the most important dental procedures for maintaining good oral health. While it is often thought of as a last resort, root canal therapy can actually help to save teeth that would otherwise be lost to decay or infection. Here are five reasons why root canal therapy is so important:

  1. Removes infected or damaged tissue from the tooth to prevent the spread of decay to the surrounding teeth
  2. Helps to preserve the root structure of the tooth to prevent future problems such as root fractures.
  3. Relieve pain associated with tooth decay or infection
  4. Improve the appearance of the tooth by restoring its natural shape and color
  5. Prolong the life of the tooth by preventing further damage.

A healthy root structure is an important foundation for better oral health. When root canal therapy is needed, it’s often because the root structure has become damaged or diseased. If left untreated can eventually lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, root canal therapy can effectively treat these problems and help to restore the root structure to a healthy state.

If you believe you may need root canal therapy, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martone. Patients always look up to Bright Horizons Dental for the best root canal treatment in Boca Raton. Undoubtedly, our years of excellent service and expertise have led us to a top-notch position in the industry today. We will evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of treatment for you.


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