Dentists can’t always get to all your questions because of time restrictions. Most dentists are busy tending to the patients, one after another. They don’t always have time to explain everything in detail, which may leave patients confused about how to care for their oral health.

Dr. Arelis Martone of Bright Horizons Dental gives her patients the time they need, but the trick is to also ask the right questions.

Here is a list of untold facts that may interest and educate you:

Six Untold Dental Facts You Never Knew

1. Patients With Gum Problems Need More Sessions

We have grown up hearing that we need to visit a dentist twice a year to ensure our oral health is in perfect shape. This is partially true, at least for those who have healthy teeth and gums. However, patients with a tendency to have a gum disease or have a weak immune system should schedule more than two sessions per year. 

So how would you know you’re more susceptible to gum problems? 

  • Notice if you feel a tingling sensation when consuming cold or hot food
  • Do your gums bleed during brushing or eating?
  • Take note of a consistent metallic taste in your mouth or bad breath
  • Teeth have an elongated appearance which may mean receding gums

2. Patients Need To Pay More Attention To Their Teeth

It’s not uncommon to ignore back teeth (molars) because they aren’t visible. Most dentists in Boca Raton agree that they have met patients with a set of fine, sparkly front teeth while back teeth are affected by cavities. This is because the patients only brush the front row of the teeth, the only visible part, and ignore the rest of the mouth. This causes food particles and bacteria to deposit and gradually decay the innermost part of the oral cavity.

3. Don’t Deny You’re A Smoker Because Dentists Will Know

We don’t understand why patients even hide the fact that they smoke when they know their dentist will know one way or another. How? That’s because the stench of tobacco is steeped into your teeth and gum tissue. Dentists deal with a lot of teeth and gums, and they know who smokes and who doesn’t. 

Why does this matter? Because honesty is the best policy. If you tell your dentist about your lifestyle, they can better help you.

4. You Don’t Always Need Veneers

Cosmetic dentists in Boca Raton call out money-hungry dentists. When an unsuspecting patient goes for a simple cleaning, dentists sell them the idea of getting veneers when they don’t need them. They convince the patients that it will protect teeth, which isn’t true. Unless you really need veneers, you don’t need to waste your hard-earned money on that.

5. No Need To Feel Anxious

Anxiety during dental visits is normal but that’s in the past. Dentists can give you Triazolam, a sedative, to relieve stress and worries. It works so well that you don’t even remember the appointment. Just make sure someone else drives you home after the procedure.

6. An Electric Toothbrush Is Your New Best Friend

Professional cleaning gives your mouth a makeover! The sad part is you can’t always go to your dentist for professional cleaning. So, dentists suggest you invest in a superior quality electric toothbrush. These toothbrushes can replicate professional cleaning, even if it doesn’t reach below the gum line.

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