If a tooth is beyond repair, you will need to look into tooth extractions. This means that it cannot be saved through a root canal or crown or filling. A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth. We always discuss your options for replacement prior to removal.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • A tooth with severe bone loss that is hopeless
  • A tooth with trauma to it that was knocked out of place
  • An Infected tooth that cannot be saved
  • A broken down tooth where there is not enough tooth structure to restore it
  • Teeth treatment planned by orthodontist to be removed during course of wearing braces or prior to treatment, so that there is enough space to align teeth


Depending on the difficulty of tooth extraction, the procedure will usually not take too long for a single tooth. Anesthetic is given and then the tooth is elevated out. No pain is felt, other than just pressure. Nitrous (laughing gas) is an option with any extraction Recovery from tooth extractions is fast. Patient is recommended to go home after an extraction, but it is safe and okay to go back to work the following day. Some soreness and discomfort is normal for a few days after tooth extractions.

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