Dental Crowns In Boca Raton

Dental Crowns And How They Help Resolve Dental Problems

The size, arrangement, and shape of the teeth is a direct pointer to the rate at which people smile and feel free to interact with other people. Cosmetic dentistry at Bright Horizons Dental are now focusing their attention on improving the dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance of individuals.

In the past, people with decayed or brown teeth find it difficult to opt for a correction that requires fixing dental crowns of varying color to their teeth making it more difficult to smile while trying to correct their dentition. The advent of All-ceramic materials makes it easy for your dental crown to be customized to match the appearance of your natural teeth. You can enjoy a long-term solution to rehabilitate your smile if you take the time to care for it properly.

A dental crown is a custom-made cap placed over a tooth to provide an added layer of protection while also improving the health of such a tooth, its function, and aesthetics. They are most commonly used to treat a tooth with a large break or cavity. However, they can also cover dark tooth discoloration or protect a weakened tooth from breaking. Research has it that most people who use dental crowns do so to treat the latter. Other reasons you may need a dental crown in Boca Raton are cracked tooth, broken cusp, or worn-down enamel. A dental crown is also the best option to help you cover up the large filling, root canal, or dental implant in order to restore your beautiful smiles.

What Is The Dental Crown Procedure Process

The dental crown process takes place in two simple steps. At the first appointment with a dentist in Boca Raton, the tooth is prepared by filing or reshaping. This is done so the crown can fit securely and comfortably on the tooth. Then the area around the tooth is numbed and the impressions are taken. This impression is then sent to the laboratory to synthesize your customized dental crown. This process usually takes between 2-3 weeks so, temporary crowns are provided for patients pending when their own dental crowns are ready. A maximum of two appointments is usually scheduled.

After your dental crown is fixed, you may experience a little pain or tenderness around the area, but it will quickly subside within a couple of days. You may also feel some sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, but all of that will not be experienced again after you are completely healed.

The modern ceramic dental crowns perform the following functions:

  • Repair broken teeth
  • Provide protection for weak teeth
  • Serve as a conservative restoration option
  • Provide a natural look.

The discovery of dental crowns in Boca Raton is the new cool revolutionary treatment to allow your teeth to continue to serve you for a lifetime. You will enjoy a natural-looking solution to save your tooth and you can keep sharing your ever contagious smiles anywhere you go, anytime you want without any fear or intimidation.