Boca Raton Zoom Whitening

We all want to look our best. Investing in Boca Raton zoom whitening services at your local dentist is an effective way to improve the appearance of discolored teeth. There are many things that are known to stain teeth, including soda, coffee, tea, and red wine.

Zoom whitening dental procedures make it possible to take care of dental stains to give you confidence in your smile. Zoom whitening is a scientifically proven and highly effective way to make your smile bright once again.

Learn more about zoom whitening dental procedures below. To speak with a specialist about scheduling an appointment for Boca Raton zoom whitening, contact us today.

The Zoom Whitening Process

There is very little necessary to prepare a zoom whitening procedure. All you’ll need to do is simply brush and floss prior to going. Zoom whitening works through a combination of UV light and hydrogen peroxide.

The solution is highly effective but you will want to make sure that you remove any plaque and food particles to be confident there is nothing obstructing the process. It’s always a good idea to schedule a bi-yearly teeth cleaning, too, so consider scheduling one before your Boca Raton Zoom whitening appointment.

The Zoom whitening process is actually fairly simple. First your dentist will place plastic guards in your mouth. The plastic guards isolate and protect your gums from the strong cleaning process.

Next, the solution is applied. It is a hydrogen peroxide solution that works together with UV light. Unlike store brand teeth whiteners, Zoom whitening solutions contain as much as 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, making them twice as strong.

After the solution is applied, your dentist aims an ultraviolet light at your teeth. The Zoom whitening solution is then reapplied 15 minutes later. After only three applications, the procedure is done and can last as little as 45 minutes.

Benefits of Boca Raton Zoom Whitening

This Zoom whitening process is powerful and can make your teeth appear dramatically whiter than before. Many people that have had this dental procedure done have claimed results of whitened teeth up to 8 times whiter.

The best part about the Zoom whitening procedure is that you will be able to experience and see your results the same day it is completed, unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products that remain ineffective and take weeks for results. This is one of the primary reasons people choose Zoom whitening over other options.

It’s important to know, however, that Zoom whitening treatments can only be performed by qualified dentists and dental professionals. Zoom whitening is an easy and effective way to make your pearly whites look their best. Contact us today for more information.