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What are dental crowns? They are a protective cap placed on top of a damaged tooth/teeth. Crowns look exactly like natural teeth, mimicking the ridges and structure to function like normal teeth. Besides functioning like natural teeth, crowns protect and restore the shape of our teeth when dental fillings aren’t an option.

Dental crowns are usually constructed by porcelains, metal, resin and ceramics. The functionalities and longevity depend on the user’s bite-size and oral hygiene. A dentist has everything to do with your dental crown. From constructing the proper caps to helping you take proper care of your newly restored teeth, everything depends on the expertise of your Boca Raton dentist.

Avoid These Mistakes After Getting a Dental Crown

Eating Solid Food After The Crown Placement

The dental cement takes time to bond with teeth and the crown. Once a cosmetic dentist applies the special cement, it needs time to set and solidify. So, if a patient eats solid food immediately after the crown placement, the pressure will dislocate the crown or break it. Not only that, but you may feel pain or discomfort too. Follow the advice your dentist gives you diligently.

Chewing When Your Mouth Is Still Numb

Another piece of advice dentists suggest is to avoid chewing while the mouth is still numb after the procedure. If your mouth is still numb after the restoration, it means that the anesthetic hasn’t worn off yet. As a result, you may not feel any sensation in your gums, teeth, or tongue. Due to the numbness, you may end up chewing food that can hurt your gums or the restored tooth. You may ruin the new restoration or, worse, hurt yourself.

Ignoring Cleaning The Gums

Even if you consume soft food, it’s crucial to take care of your gums. It’s better that you don’t ignore cleaning your mouth. Don’t use a brush just yet! You don’t need to brush immediately after the restoration. In fact, use salt water rinse to cleanse and disinfect the gum, helping wounds or pain to subside.

Not Being Cautious While Flossing

You should take care while flossing your freshly cemented tooth. When you’re done flossing, don’t lift it from the tooth. Instead, gently slide it off the tooth to prevent dislodging the crown or. So, be extra cautious when flossing.

Wearing A Crown That Doesn’t Fit

Many dentists talk about how many patients keep wearing crowns that aren’t fit for their teeth. Prolonged wearing of a misfitted crown can cause various issues, including discomfort, jaw pain, gum problems and a tooth infection. This should be taken seriously! If you find any sort of discomfort or pain on the capped tooth or the surrounding area, consult your dentist without any delay. Delaying the process will only raise the bar of complications.

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