Boca Raton Dental Crown
Boca Raton Dental Crowns

Boca Raton Dental Crowns

BOCA RATON DENTAL CROWNS Dental crowns like every other medical discovery started with few people but with time and successes from its usage became a general procedure even though the price is still very much on the high side. Dental crowns are one of the many ways dentists help you restore your teeth to their natural state. Usually, however, these dental restorations are used when a tooth has a large filling that exceeds the natural tooth structure. Additionally, if you had previous canal therapy, or a combination of a root canal and dental filling, a dentist might advise you to get a dental crown. For cosmetic reasons also you can get a dental crown. You can get a gold dental crown, for example, for an extra glitter in A lot of people detest the colored metals earlier used to correct defects in their dentition and so, the porcelain (or dental ceramic) dental crowns were discovered to fix afflictions Improve your facial appearance with the tooth structure and return your smile aesthetic. Porcelain is a particular type of ceramic that is fabricated by stacking and firing. It was widely accepted because of its white color like natural teeth. These Boca Raton dental crowns are more suitable for patients with metal allergies. It can be the treatment of choice for people who grind and clench their teeth (medically known as bruxism). These restorations are ideal in situations where dental decay has destroyed most of the original tooth, or in cases of acute traumatic dental injuries and severe enamel erosion. TYPES OF BOCA RATON DENTAL CROWNS. The various types of Boca Raton dental crowns are as follows.

  • Feldspathic porcelain-The ancient porcelain is also said to be the finest porcelain.
  • The Empress Crown-The all-ceramic restorations of the pressed glass.
  • Zirconia Crowns-The ultimate metal-free, premium alternative.
  • E-Max Crowns-Known for its toughness and longevity, it is made of a single block of ceramic lithium disilicate, a high-quality material.
  • The Lava Crown-A combination of traditional and modern techniques.
  • The InCeram Crown- Made of porcelain with very thick and durable aluminum.


  • Boca Raton dental crowns look far more natural and the most cosmetically pleasing than the other types.
  • They are very ideal for front teeth that have been weakened by decay or traumatized or having discolored fillings.
  • They improve your facial & smile aesthetics as well as restore tooth structure, strength, and function of your teeth.
  • Boca Raton dental crowns, when cemented properly, can protect what is left of your tooth.
  • They may help a dental implant to comfortably work together with the remaining healthy teeth or hold a denture or bridge firmly in place.
  • These crowns will help your upper and lower teeth meet properly if shaped correctly and thus retain a proper, balanced bite.
  • The problem of the dark line at the edge of the gums, a common problem with metal-fused crowns, is eliminated.


  • The biggest disadvantage of Boca Raton dental crowns is that they don’t have enough strength to withstand the tremendous biting forces.
  • They are less durable than other types of restorations and are more prone to cracking or breaking.
  • These restorations are used mostly for the front teeth and not usually recommended for molars and premolars since they are not designed to support a lot of biting force and chewing.
  • Placing these crowns require a very sophisticated bonding technique which isn’t generally taught in dental schools.
  • Another major setback in the use of the Boca Raton dental crown is its apparent cost.


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